November 8, 2019

BONUS EP (aka Plushies and Cookies and Books, Oh My!)

Like any great party, this episode is all over the place. 

You're going to be shouting "what did you say?" over the noise. (Sorry, new mics are on our Christmas wish list!)

There's a couple of really amazing outfits. (Hi Bluey, hi Bingo!)

Some random guy keeps relating everything back to movies. (The world of Bluey is just like Hurt Locker, Terminator, and Gremlins, according to Ludo Studio co-founder Daley Pearson.)

And when it's all done, there's always one annoying person who won't stop talking about it. (The party is the Bluey toys and books launch event, and that annoying person is Mary.)  

So, fill your glass as we take you into the throes of Bluey-mania at this Sydney soiree, and please be prepared for screaming. (Thanks for having us, Ludo Studio, BBC and ABC, Penguin Books and Moose Toys - and for chatting above the chaos, Daley and Charlie!)

(Also, here's the ABC Sydney program with James Valentine interviewing Joe Brumm. Enjoy the pristine sound quality!)


Gotta Be Done is ex-journos and Melbourne mums Kate McMahon and Mary Bolling, as we deep-dive on every Bluey episode, with plenty of detours into mama life, childhood memories, and everything else we're bingeing, too!

Follow us on Insta at @blueypod @marytbolling @katejmcmahon or on Twitter at @blueypodcast - and use #blueypod to join in.

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