October 4, 2019

Shaun (aka The Redemption of the Recorder)

Oh, Shaun's back. But enough about him - is Bandit-with-the-emu-hand the ultimate (or any kind of) "thirst trap"? We weigh up Clementine Ford's assessment of our favourite Blue Heeler dad - right after we rush to Urban Dictionary to look up thirst trap!

Also, it's the music that makes the emu, as they say - but even if it's from a recorder?? Joff Bush gives us a bit of behind-the-scenes on this Bluey score (created with Steve Peach), and we're pretty excited.

But stay calm and controlled folks, this is all about parental tactics for wearing out the kids - and tell you what, it's exhausting! 


Gotta Be Done is ex-journos and Melbourne mums Kate McMahon and Mary Bolling, as we deep-dive on every Bluey episode, with plenty of detours into mama life, childhood memories, and everything else we're bingeing, too!

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