November 18, 2021

BONUS EP (Season 3 Is Coming and We‘re Already Here!)

It's been a long time between episodes/Stumpfest juices for Gotta Be Done, but with Bluey Season 3 right on our doorstep* - of course Kate and Mary are here to play! 

Yep, there's 25 new episodes of Bluey hitting ABC TV from Monday 22 November, and the self-confessed superfans are here to tell you what they know about them. Well, what they think they know/ are able to tell you without breaking any contractual commitments. Ooooh!

Plus the new Sleepytime book and celebrity readings, Joe Brumm's favourite Bluey episode, and new toys just in time for... eeeep, don't say it until the girls get their hands on Bluey Advent calendars!

Also, it's a chance to reflect on what nearly three years of talking Bluey has taught them. (Mainly, that very first lesson from Bike - it's going to take a lot of getting back on.) 

So strap yourselves in kids, THEY'RE BACK BABY! 

*Specifically, Australia's doorstep - sorry rest of the world, don't know when you're getting new episodes, but hope it's really soon!


Gotta Be Done is ex-journos and Melbourne mums Kate McMahon and Mary Bolling, as we deep-dive on every Bluey episode, with plenty of detours into mama life, childhood memories, and everything else we're bingeing, too!

Follow us on Insta at @blueypod @marytbolling @katejmcmahon or on Twitter at @blueypodcast - and use #blueypod to join in.

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