February 7, 2020

Butterflies (aka Searching the Word ‘Bluey’ to Cheer Ourselves Up)

Another friend in the wagon/ fabric swing today - podcast aficionado Peter Wells! Pete found Gotta Be Done soon after we launched, and won our hearts when he featured us in this Age/SMH podcast column in 2019 - now he's joining us for the ultimate heartbreaker Bluey ep, Butterflies!

Are Judo and mum Wendy the 'baddies' of the Blueyverse? Or is Judo just the latest victim of ye olde tv trope Only Child Syndrome - or worse, Bad Mother Effect?! We've had fan mail on that very topic from WhiteChoclatte - and strap yourself in, it goes deep!

Plus Pete brings a new perspective to Heeler house dimensions, and we all get a bit teary about "Poor Little Bug on the Wall" (ting ching!) - and reveal its pre-Bluey campfire history.  

(Also, how embarrassment, we do have tech difficulties in the recording - but bear with us, our sound will emerge as a beautiful butterfly one of these days!)


Gotta Be Done is ex-journos and Melbourne mums Kate McMahon and Mary Bolling, as we deep-dive on every Bluey episode, with plenty of detours into mama life, childhood memories, and everything else we're bingeing, too!

Follow us on Insta at @blueypod @marytbolling @katejmcmahon or on Twitter at @blueypodcast - and use #blueypod to join in.

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